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Jan 17, 2018 |

From Grass Roots to Olympic Sailing

I am writing my first blog of 2018 from Sunny Miami preparing for the 1st World Cup of 2018 where we have so far enjoyed hiking conditions every day, I am working with Tuula Tenkanen from Finland and Lucia Falasca from Argentina and we have enjoyed some super productive training days working with Alison Young and George Povall from the UK, along with their coach Penny Clark.

The end of 2017 seemed to pass very much in a blur but it was certainly time well spent. One of the most useful things I attended was the RYA South Conference where I learnt a huge amount. Both the UKLA and ILCA are currently undergoing a huge modernisation and I am keen improve participation where ever I can.

Since working with Lijia Xu I have always been keen to promote sailing in Asia, and Vanhang Sailing is doing a great job, with the recently set up Vanhang Sailing Academy. The first step is increasing the number of junior sailors and I spent Christmas time over there  both coaching and at their Christmas regatta, ably assisted by Summer (Song Xiaqun), Maxi and Izzie Berkley. I coached Christmas day in a very appropriate hat and you can even see our New Year Celebrations video. 

Summer who did two Olympics in multi-crewed boats (470 and Yngling) is keen to learn more about Single handed sailing and made my life very easy both on and off the water. The plan is also for her to shadow me at some of this year's  training and regattas.

Christmas Coaching!

Jon Emmett has over 20 years of coaching experience from grass roots to Olympic Gold.