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Jan 15, 2019 |
2019,  |

Fort Lauderdale

Jet lag! Well I was truly suffering at the beginning of January, not because of the holiday season festivities which were quite some time ago but due to the severe jet lag caused by travelling from China to Miami (with stop offs in Helsinki, London and New York on route, so as to keep the cost down). I was so exhausted, not just with the physical tiredness, but mentally, and nothing to do with old age as several of my peers have recently admitted to putting a credit card in the fridge or finding themselves half way up the stairs and too tired to remember if they were on their way up or down! In an effort to kill the jet lag I finally went for a run after 3 days but even then, I managed to get lost in Miami, the place with the most local street names ever. Coming back after having been away for over twice as long as expected I found a very worried Tuula who had been googling how to contact  people regards a missing person!


Jon Emmett has over 20 years of coaching experience from grass roots to Olympic Gold.